Suzanne R Whyte

Sweet Rima,
Thank you for your loving email and warm gifts of sharing. Yes, love is the way through everything. It is amazing to see the power of love especially right now.
It is such a gift to me to connect with you, Rajiv and your team as each connection is caring, positive and very tech friendly helpful. Three important points for me joining alignments with as it is reflected into everything we do together and speaks volumes to our customers who view it.
You and your team are like sunshine on a spring morning.
Thank you again for your love and compassion for me, Rajiv and all your team.
You are a beautiful!
Sending each of you love and healing. Thank you!

Patrick Durkin
Patrick DurkinReal Estate Broker

The Urban Timer team is nothing short of incredible! Trusting a company that isn't local is challenging enough. However, the quick communication and excellent service has made me a believer. Prices for services are very reasonable and they deliver quality work. Thank you!

Patrick Durkin
Josiah BouriciusSuccess Feng Shui

I have used UrbanTimer for the last 9 months or so and they have handled a variety of tasks primarily using WordPress, MailChimp and connected platforms related to my business’ online presence. I have been very satisfied with the level of service especially over time as they learned the details of my business and our communication improved.
Over time I have assigned more tasks that required a higher level of English proficiency and understanding of US culture with great results
I also appreciate that they are a family-owned company and seem to treat their assistants accordingly Occasionally mistakes did occur due to translation errors however they acted quickly to correct them and I have also learned how to give instructions more simply and clearly.
I highly recommend UrbanTimer

Patrick Durkin
Andres MartinezView Media

Debrina and her team have been amazing! They are always on time, and very efficient with their hours. Very organized when it comes to bigger tasks or needing processes. I would strongly recommend!

Patrick Durkin
Richard van der JagtPhysical Education New Zealand

Ubantimer is proving to be a great asset to our business and is able to help in so many ways frequently going the extra mile to get things done.

Patrick Durkin

I’ve been using urban timer for a few months now, and they’re invaluable! They have handled every task I’ve assigned ranging from personal administrative tasks such as setting up appointments facilitating interview calls, any type of registration process required
for my company and managing my customer account and much more. I have been impressed with their work for every single task I have and our customers have assigned. The timeliness is also perfect, They are highly incredible and will continue to recommend this company. I am so glad I did try out their service and I am spoiled and my customers also accustomed as well.

Patrick Durkin
Lindsay PietroluongoWriter

I’ve been working w/ an Urban Timer VA for the past 2 months now & I can’t believe how much of a huge help he’s been. He’s available every business day during my business hours, he answers my questions quickly & the work always gets done ahead of schedule.
He’s able to handle any and every assignment I send through, so I just keep thinking of more things to send him! My VA has alleviated so much of my workload that I now have a ton of extra time to devote to more pressing projects.

Patrick Durkin
Kate WolfendenProjectXGloba

Awesome organisation. Urban Timer found us on Linked in at an incredibly resource stressed time, solved our problem within days (over the weekend!) and now we are pleased to have a resident VA whose mix of professionalism and personal touch is more than we could have asked for. Our only challenge is wishing we could keep her always!
Highly recommend. Especially if you have tried some remote VA direct contact approaches before. Employing the umbrella service and knowing the standard of the VA has been vetted and managed, is a service worth paying for.

Patrick Durkin
Dan DragonEpic Dragon Ltd

Great service for an amazing price. Swift response times and a professional approach to every task. Very pleased with the results!
Thank you, guys!

Patrick Durkin
David BarryHelp U Store It

I’ve been using urban timer for a few months now, and they’re incredible! They have handled every task I’ve assigned ranging from personal administrive tasks such as dr. appts, or procedures on how to sell a car – to business related tasks such as monitoring my email and responding to messages, managing my calendar. Mostly, I have been impressed with their expertise in managing my wordpress website.
They have written a lot of content for me, as well as provided SEO services. I shopped around for a while for VA’s and am very satisfied with UrbanTimer, so much so that I bought a large amount of infinite hours for my business so that we are committed to this company for a while. Again, I have been impressed with their work for every single task I have assigned. The timeliness is also perfect, they are very quick in responding to my questions or new tasks. Will continue to recommenced this company.

Patrick Durkin
Josie MoncadaStar Sports Backpack

Urban Timer was very efficient in helping me reach key influencers. They saved me a lot of time and were very good at targeting the exact people I had requested. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is searching.