How to run a business without a real office?

Working from home, and without a real office is slowly becoming the norm with no end in sight of the pandemic. Most companies are slowly adapting to running their full-fledged operations from home. Now, running a business without a real office is not easy but it’s doable if you follow a certain plan. With advanced technology and remote workers readily available, running your business from home can be possible and even sustainable. Below, I list down some points that can guide you on how to run your business efficiently without a real office.

  • Create a workspace in your home – Setting up an area in your home that is strictly for workspace is important, especially if you’re running your entire business from home. It should be clean, bright and organized. Find a quiet, comfortable area around the house to set up your workspace so that you’re not distracted with the day-to-day running of the house and you can be functional as you are in an office. Do not make the mistake of working in the same space as you sleep, eat and do your chores as that will distract you and you will lose your focus at work.
  • Set flexible work hours – As long as the work at hand is getting done with you and your employees communicating effectively with one another, there is no need to set a stipulated time to do things. However, it’s easy to get carried away and work longer hours at home since you’re saving time on the commute but letting working from home consume your whole day can often times than not, lead to burnout. Hence, set appropriate, flexible hours for work and make sure to take proper time off as well!
  • Invest in the right tech – Investing in the right technology for your business may be the most important part of running a business without a real office as the latest technology and software can help accelerate your work and ease day-to-day operations. Since you’ll be working virtually with your staff, it’s mandatory to use communication software like Slack and MySpace to successfully communicate with as well as monitor your employees.
  • Hire the right people – Since, you will be running a business from home, you do not need to hire full-time employees and you can work with Virtual Assistants and with UrbanTimer, you get almost all the services like scheduling appointments, managing administration, handling technical aspects of a business, digital marketing, content writing and running personal errands. Hiring Virtual Assistants is both time-saving and cost-effective and it’s the logical thing to do.
  • Set Ground Rules – If you’re sharing your home with family or someone else, you’ll need to list down some basic ground rules for them to follow so as not to hamper your productivity. You’ll want to let them know about your working hours so they know when not to disturb you.
  • Take a break – Overworking does not lead to higher results, instead, it exhausts and overwhelms you and makes your productivity go down. Make sure to boost you and your employees’ productivity by allowing some flexibility in your working schedule and including regular short breaks that can help rejuvenate you and keep you going for the day.

No part of setting up and running a business is easy, be it with or without a real office. But you have to be determined to make it work, no matter how tough it seems. I hope the above points I presented in the article helped you in understanding and can aid you to carve out a plan to run your own business without a real office successfully.
Remote work from home is a smart choice for companies who want to keep pace. Don’t you think it’s fair to say that this is the future that we’re looking at?

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