How can small businesses motivate employees?

One of the essential parts of any business, whether small or large is its employees. And properly managing and keeping them motivated will lead to higher levels of productivity for the organisation. However, it is a challenge for small scale businesses to maintain employee motivation as they often lack the resources/money for rewarding good performances. But there are many inexpensive but effective ways to keep them highly motivated. In this article, I am going to be talking about them. 

  • Offer Some Flexibility: According to Stats, 55 per cent of millennials today are not engaged in their work. They’re not passionate about what they’re doing and feel burned out as they struggle to keep a balance between life and work. This leads to dissatisfaction and low productivity. What small businesses can do to ease some of the dissatisfaction is providing flexible work hours and to offer to work from home, every once in a while. Sometimes all people need is to work in their own rhythm. Another way to offer flexibility is to let them come in early at work and leave early or acknowledge their hard work through an unexpected paid afternoon off.
  • To Recognize Good Performance: If you see an employee working hard on a project, recognize and appreciate their efforts else the employees get demotivated and start resenting your leadership. They start looking for other opportunities because they do not get the deserved recognition that they look for. Hence, always notice, acknowledge and reward hard work put in by your employees. 
  • Provide Professional Development Opportunities: Providing professional development opportunities to employees helps them enhance their skills, in turn, making them more confident in their abilities. A valuable and motivated employee is one that is knowledgeable, skilled and confident in their approach to their work. 
  • Foster a Fun Environment: Your employees are going to be spending quite a good number of hours in a day at the workplace. But if they feel that their work environment is boring and uninspiring then it’s difficult to keep them motivated and high in productivity. Foster a fun environment wherein an employee looks forward to going to office, instead of dreading to. Workplace parties, organising weekly office games, employee happy hours can make the workplace exciting and fun for the staff! Strive to make your organization’s work culture a positive and great one!
  • Practice Effective Communication Strategies: Practising effective communication is communicating openly about how the company is doing and how an employees’ contribution has helped. Adopting such a transparent approach with the employees can win you their trust and loyalty and they will be inspired to further contribute to the growth of the company. 

The above points are simple, yet effective ways to encourage an employee to perform their best in a small scale organisation. Employees are the backbone carrying forward a business so if they’re not happy, then there will unlikely be any growth of an organisation. For the well being of a business, it is important to take care of the well being of its employees.

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