6 Reasons To Delegate Your Tasks To A Virtual Assistant

If delegation is an art then Steve Jobs must have been the Leonardo-de-Vinci of that art. He was not an inventor in a traditional way; but, that man single handedly changed our world of gadgets with his disruptive and out of the box ideas. Though, history would remind him for the successful execution of those ideas; when, reality is that man had outstanding talent of delegation.

In 1983, Steve explained the owners of IDEO the basic concept of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in simplistic manner and end result was the commercial introduction of apple computer mouse.  At the age of 26 he poached then CEO of Pepsi John Scully with his legendary question: “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life? Or, do you want to come with me and change the world”? That was another iconic example of his delegation power.

In fact being an entrepreneur, the most basic skill you should have is the clear concept of delegation. You can be the owner of a startup with an amazing concept; but, without a clear delegation plan all those concepts are useless. Because, harsh reality is at the end of the day you can’t complete all the tasks by yourself and you need team who can deliver the best result at lowest possible cost.

Few years back finding the best talent at a stipulated budget would have been really difficult; but, not anymore. In modern days of internet you can hire the best talent practically anywhere from this world and get your job done at minimum cost. The budget of your dream start-up would not get affected by any means if you know the use of an amazing tool.

This modern tool is famously known as ‘Virtual Assistance’. It’s a modern concept of outsourcing where instead of one remote team you hire an entire pool of raw talent at lowest possible cost. Then, with the help of different tracking and management software you train and monitor your VAs team and complete your tasks at fraction of cost. There are many such tools or to be more precise the software that can do wonders for your business and to know the benefits of all these tools you have to understand how a Virtual Assistant actually works:

  • Huge Financial Benefits: A Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who would work for you on hourly basis and you can outsource many types of projects to your VA. You can have quality work at bare minimum cost. Apart from that you don’t have to pay any benefits and fringe benefits to your VA for their service.
  • Different Kinds of Services for Your Business: You can outsource many critical tasks to your Virtual Assistance, including but strictly not limited to digital marketing, administrative support, customer service, web development, graphic designing, content writing, project management, start-up assistance and quick books services. Just be a little more creative and think what else your VA can do for your business and assign the tasks.
  • Service Only By Experienced Professionals: You really don’t need to be afraid of the quality of your work. Since, your VA is doing that work for years and team coordinator always delegates the assignment to the best person of the team. In short, if you want to hire a VA to write your blogs then you can be rest assured that only a seasoned content writer would be writing your blogs and not an amateur.
  • Avoidance of Hiring Related Costs and Complications: You can feel that idea is terrifying since you have to delegate the task to someone and that entire process demands a level of training and investment of time from your part as well. On the hindsight, if you use VA instead of an employee then firstly, you don’t have to waste any resources on recruitment; secondly, you don’t have to waste any money on appointment related procedures; thirdly, no waste on employee salary and additional benefits; fourthly, no waste on office place and office place maintenance cost. Now, after so many savings the investment of time should not sounds so terrible anymore.
  • Pay Only for Completed Assignment: You would only pay your VA for the hours of service she will be doing for your project in net hourly mode. Here a timer would be set by you and on the basis of that timer you can remotely monitor the progress of your work. Your VA would pause that timer when she will be taking a break and thus you would only pay for the net productive hours and not for breaks.
  • Ensuring Work and Life Balance: Being an entrepreneur you have to admit that you don’t get 48 hours or 72 hours in a day (though you pray for that). Therefore, to ensure your peace of mind you have to learn the delicate art of balancing between professional life and personal life. The only way of doing that successfully is strategical work delegation to your VAs. 

After getting a clear concept about the standard operating procedure of a Virtual Assistance tool, if you are wandering about trying it out, then you can give UrbanTimer.com a try. It is one of the most successful and trusted VA Firm of this sector. You can start working with the team by enrolling for a certain package. There are many packages and each package have different number of hours. More hours you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Once you buy a subscription package you would get a certain number of hours in your client account. When you would send a project then Manager would assign that project to a VA and the timer would start ticking when the VA would start working on that assignment. Once the assignment is done your VA would send you the completed task and then she would stop the timer.

Finally, she would explain a Time Charging Reason (TCR) and send response to your task. The main attraction of the service is your unused hours would be carried forward towards next month. If you are not convinced enough yet then you can give it a try for free. Urban Timer offers exclusive 3 hours free trial pack for their clients to understand their business much better.

Therefore, it is the time to re-think and increase your productivity by delegating your work to your own team of VAs.

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