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5 Upcoming Artificial Intelligence technologies that will change our lives

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a form of scientific advancement where robots and computer programmes have an ability to make decision independently and get closer to the way we, humans, think. Development of AI has a huge role to play in future. Today we can see driveless cars being tested, self-operating space shuttles being sent to…

5 Best Fitness Apps that will Transform you into Fitness Freak


Whether we admit it or not, we have always dreamt of that perfect body. But somehow, this dream of six-packs or a beautiful back has always remained in our closets, with our old, slim-fit clothes. However, we are presenting you with a unique solution here. You already have your smartphone accompanying you everywhere. Why not…

5 Magical Herbs That Will Change Your Life Forever

ahswagandha herb Urban Timer

Herbs were created by the nature for a good reason. Throughout the history, human diet has always had a medicinal or herbal component. However, the current society has become more and more disconnected from earth’s rarest and most natural offerings. So, there is a grave need for natural and organic herbs among humans, to balance…

5 Job Profiles that are Likely to Boost by 2020

How many people would have heard the name ‘Zumba’ 5 years back? Not many I guess. But now, a Zumba Instructor is basically needed in each and every health and fitness institute across the globe. Such is the nature of jobs and careers. With a constantly changing global scenario, machines taking over our jobs and…

8 Famous Presidents of the US and the Reforms they Brought

By now, everyone must have heard the name of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Yes, they are the candidates in the upcoming US Presidential election. The President of America is one of the most powerful people across the whole world. America has seen some of its best as well as worst Presidents and has survived….