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What is UrbanTimer to me!


I might sound a bit weird, but I would love to share my thoughts on what exactly UrbanTimer is to me.

All of us do have some aim in life. We all want to reach heights in life. My views on becoming successful was just like a fairy-tale until I joined UrbanTimer. There has been ups and downs in every stage of my professional life. However, what I really learned is to be responsible. I learned to value my work and respect it the most.

Responsibility is something that brought a drastic change in me. Being a girl born and brought up in a metropolitan city like Kolkata “The City of Joy” I believe it wouldn’t have been possible for me to come out of my comfort zone of getting pampered by my parents and lead a life of an independent women. I found people in this company who appreciated me and taught me various stuffs. I came across new things which helped me in keeping myself updated. I won’t say that I became a pro on everything I learned so far, but the experiences that have I gathered from this company has expanded my mind quite a lot.

Lastly, the most important part of my article are my mentors Bikash Sir and Rima Ma’am, who has been so supportive from the very beginning of the day. I would really thank both of you for making me understand on how to become a true employee.

To me UrbanTimer is just not a company, it’s a place of gathering new experience and grow interpersonal as well as work skills without any limitations.