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GSM Technology

How GSM Technology can be useful for reducing human efforts.


Nowadays, technology is helping the human from many aspects. GSM is also one of the technologies which can reduce human effort. In our life, small things like switching off your ceiling fan or turning off your AC or even we can control other household equipment or devices with the help of our mobile, from anywhere and anytime. Yes, GSM technology can do all these things within few seconds. Several projects are also there who are trying to use GSM technologies to reduce human effort. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile. GSM modules will be connected to all the equipment we need to access. The GSM module will take user’s command to access that particular equipment. These commands can be taken from the user in the form of simple message syntax or by creating an app which will have a simple user interface. This app will convert the command into machine language and send it to the module placed at your home or office by using your sim card. After receiving the command from the user end, the commands will be then compiled by the module and these instructions will be sent to the equipment or devices from the module in order to operate. Using this technology, one can even check the status of the all the devices, whether they are on or off, from any part of the world.Soumik Saha