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5 Upcoming Artificial Intelligence technologies that will change our lives

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a form of scientific advancement where robots and computer programmes have an ability to make decision independently and get closer to the way we, humans, think. Development of AI has a huge role to play in future. Today we can see driveless cars being tested, self-operating space shuttles being sent to Jupiter and even a robotic waiters waiting to welcome you at certain restaurants. However, when it comes to the future of AI, the scene is bigger and better than ever. So without any further delay, let us take a sneak peek into 5 upcoming Artificial Intelligence technologies that the world is eagerly waiting for-

1. Flying Vehicles


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AI enthusiasts like us grew up hoping that someday ‘Back to the Future’ will become a reality. Well, future has not disappointed us so far. After years of waiting and dreaming, we can finally see an actual flying car to take us anywhere and everywhere.

At last, prototypes of the first-ever flying vehicles were unveiled by AeroMobil, a Slovakian company. The vehicle shown was road-ready and has storable wings. It will have the capacity of navigating for road traffic as well as airspace. It will also have real-time sensors for smooth air traffic. And what more, these cars are expected to be available commercial within the next 24 months!

While imagining a world free of traffic is quite exhilarating, the question is how safe will these flying cars will be? And imagining the high cost of AI, it is expected that these cars will probably unaffordable by the general public. All we can do now is wait and watch the future unfolding itself.

2. AI Robots


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In the past 10 years, we have seen autonomous drones and weapons used for war intelligence and gaining a stronghold over enemies. But soldier robots sometimes referred to as ‘killer robots’ are going to be an entirely different phenomenon. They will have the capacity to locate, track as well as shoot targets, without any human mediation.

While the concept of an AI soldier robot with a free-will is more scaring than astonishing, it is already in trial phases across many parts of the world, including Korea. At present, big nations are trying to build soldier robots which would help human soldiers in assisting during war times. However, some AI enthusiasts are skeptical as to how making a war all the more dangerous by including killer robots is going to bring peace in this world.

3. Robot Firefighters


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We are having a difficult time finding things that AI is actually not capable of doing. Whether it is making breakfast, cleaning the office or fighting fire, AI has taken every space in our normal life activities.

In near future, firemen might be able to get critical help from AI technology for putting out fires much more efficiently and quickly. This help will come though fire-fighting robots. But the big question here is will the human firefighters be completely replaced by robots? Not exactly. In situations like a fire in a building, we need more human tact and a bit of technology to be successful in our jobs. Because when it comes to saving lives, we cannot take our chances with technology alone right?

4. AI Doctors


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When we say AI doctors, you must have imagined human-size robots wearing white coats and nurse-shoes and walking around with a stethoscope right? Well, it is not exactly like that.

Healthcare robots or AI doctors will help doctors in diagnosing as well as treating patients. This will be via SRT (speech recognition technology) and learning patient’s conditions for delivering better personalized experience. In future, you will have your own AI healthcare agent who will be available 24×7 to help you with any medical need. For instance, if you have a sore throat or cold feet, your AI healthcare agent will look into the database and your medical history and provide you with right medications, approved by the doctors. They can also recognize signs of imminent dangers such as stroke and take immediate steps such as alerting the nearest ER. This will be a common phenomenon in future and will be especially beneficial for older citizens. How cool is that!

5. Prototype Human


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If you have seen the movie ‘Transcendence’ you will understand what we are talking about here. In that movie, Johnny Depp becomes immortal by uploading his mind into a computer’s head. The thought is astounding and terrifying at the same time.

Nobody wants to die. While it is true that the people who dream of becoming immortal picture themselves as forever young, a similar new AI technology of Prototype Human has been brought into existence, making these dreams almost a reality. Recently, a new robot head was created named Bina-48. This robot is named after its maker’s real-life wife, and looks like a replica of her. Bina-48’s mind is uploaded with real Bina’s memories, thoughts and feelings. This robot version can carry out a smooth conversation and answer questions. These human prototypes will very soon become your artificial afterlife. So if AI is your life and you want to become immortal, you have two options; either make your own AI prototype or become a Vampire. No kidding!

Whoa! So there was some awesome upcoming artificial technology that we may see in near future. Wish to have something similar for your own business/ blog or projects? Write to us at and we give you 5 amazing hours of FREE VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE.

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