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5 Best Fitness Apps that will Transform you into Fitness Freak


Whether we admit it or not, we have always dreamt of that perfect body. But somehow, this dream of six-packs or a beautiful back has always remained in our closets, with our old, slim-fit clothes. However, we are presenting you with a unique solution here. You already have your smartphone accompanying you everywhere. Why not make it your personal trainer and even exercise partner? This can be done via Health & fitness apps that will provide you step-by-step instructions, similar to any expensive trainer, only for free.

There is but one problem ahead! There are so many fitness apps in the market that will definitely make you overwhelmed. To take you out of this sea of fake/unproductive fitness apps, we are presenting you with the top 5 fitness apps based on their critical reviews, productivity, usage and applicability.

Nike Running

nike-running-fitness-app-urban timer

If you want to change your life then you should start running. And what can be a better trainer than a fitness app from one of the world’s most popular sports brand, Nike. The new Nike+Run app is one of the most popular fitness (especially running) apps among beginners as well as veteran runners. It not only provides a run-tracker application for maintaining and monitoring your track record, but also acts as a social network tool and music player. It comes with many critical metrics such as distance run, mile splits and pace. The app also provides worthy coaching plans for aiding your progress and fitness goals. You can also share your run status with stats, stickers and photos. Moreover, it also allows comparison of progress with other app runners for a healthy competition.

Pros Cons
·         Good running app for route tracking and run-time improvement

·         Motivation through GPS & online community

·         Compatible with other Nike accessories

·         Shows your splits and run feedback

·         The online community makes its users very competitive, sometimes annoying

·         Sometimes the GPS mapping is inaccurate

·         The apps stated pace does not always works

·         Requires regular calibration

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7-minutes workout

7-minute workout fitness app Urban Timer

You might have come across various so-called 7-minute workouts. But the one from Johnson & Johnson is the original and worth pondering into. It has been crafted by famous Chris Jordan (a world-wide famous fitness expert). It has a ‘Smart Workout’ features which gauges out fitness level for providing the best intensity workouts and help achieve maximum results. The interface is absolutely uncomplicated and you can set your bodyweight routine in no time. This original workout app has been appreciated by veterans and beginners alike. The app has varieties of 7-minute routine, ranging in intensity and duration and is completed with powerful short videos. Not only that, it also has an application wherein you can customize your own workout routines.

Pros Cons
·         Thorough self-rating before workout. Helps in better personalization

·         Workout library is huge, much more than what average fitness apps offer

·         Custom workouts and online community features

·         By default, only 4 sec between reps

·         Sometimes, the exercises are unsynchronized

·         Some experts question the efficiency of 7 minutes of workout!

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myfitnesspal fitness app Urban Timer

Our health and diet has seriously been affected with cheap pleasures, temptation, convenience and stress. And most of us find it extremely hard to take time out for a fitness expert or gym membership. For them, the health app MyFitnessPal is like godsend. It is a website and mobile app that provides a basket of tools for monitoring, tracking and controlling our food habits. This is done by micromanagement of the calories we take, on a daily basis. As per its users, it is the easiest and effective calorie counter and health app they have encountered. The database of drinks and foods is huge and users of almost every ethnicity find this app useful. As it is rightfully said, without balanced diet, exercise results will never be fully achieved. The app also has recipe calculator which is constantly updated via customer inputs. And all of these are available absolutely free!

Pros Cons
·         The food database is huge

·         Provides instant feedback for regular motivation

·         Flexible with personal diet charts

·         Inconsistent updating and no self-editing feature

·         Needs wireless signal to work

·         Some experts question efficiency of calorie counts for weight loss

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jetfit fitness app Urban Timer

If you are one of those who could ditch your girlfriend/boyfriend for dumbbells, then this is the right app for you! It is the best app for bodybuilders and strength trainers. The app boasts 1300 plus exercises as well as workout routines. Above all, the app allows you to choose workout routines and videos so that you can mix-n-match as per your own requirements. These exercises are available in preprogrammed options. So if you are a beginner, this can be your best personal trainer. It provides the facility of tracking your reps and weight from earlier workouts. This way, you can check whether you are making progress or not as well as find your areas of improvement. Apart from strength training, it also has varieties of stretching and cardio routines. While the free version comes with ads, the pro version is more comprehensive and ad-free.

Pros Cons
·         Simple and compatible for exercise tracking

·         Sets & reps counter available

·         Easily available routine customization

·         Too much ‘next’ button-pushing

·         No real-audio coaching & feedback

·         Cluttered interface

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sworkit fitness app urban timer

Sworkit or ‘Simply Work It’ is an app that gives you a holistic approach for strength workouts. If you are someone with a crunch of time and does not want to spend on expensive exercise equipment, then this equipment-free workout app is best for you. The workout builder is designed and customized for anyone who wishes to get lean without hitting gym. There are 160 plus exercises including yoga. These are in-built exercises setup by health professionals to give you the best combinations for best results. It also has the facility for customizing exercises according to one’s needs. Researchers from Florida University have even stated that this app is closest to the EG (Exercise Guideline) standards provided by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Now, where will you find a fitness app supported by researchers! The app has also topped the ARC rankings in all-round fitness apps category.

Pros Cons
·         Easy video demonstrations

·         Facility of adjusting workout time

·         App shows calories burned after workout

·         Activity transition is too fast

·         High amount of intense exercise required for burning real fat

·         Some users have complained it is extremely slow

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