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8 Famous Presidents of the US and the Reforms they Brought

By now, everyone must have heard the name of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Yes, they are the candidates in the upcoming US Presidential election. The President of America is one of the most powerful people across the whole world. America has seen some of its best as well as worst Presidents and has survived. Here is a compilation of 8 most celebrated and influential Presidents the US ever had.

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1. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln can be rightfully considered as the greatest President of the US. One of his biggest accomplishments was issuing the Emancipation Proclamation for ending slavery. Even though he became largely unpopular for this, he believed in a slavery-free America and gave his life for this mission. He led US through moral and political crisis during Civil War. During his tenure, America saw rapid civil development such as railroads, canals and banks. Factories were encouraged by granting tariffs which resulted in jobs for millions. The name Lincoln is loved by all.


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2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd US President. The fact that he was elected four times as American President sums up his popularity, influence and importance. He led the nation through two of its most fatal phases, Great Depression & WWII. During his term, the US federal government grew to its strongest. He initiated monumental policies under the ‘new deal’. The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) was a program for creating job opportunities for millions of Americans. During the ‘Great Depression’, he provided food, electricity and jobs in the depressed area. Another significant achievement was creation of the SSS (Social Security System). He is undoubtedly one of the strongest Presidents US has ever seen.

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3. Ronald Reagan

Ronald W. Reagan was US’s 40th President. The economic policies that he brought about were unmatched and became popular as ‘Reaganomics’.  He successfully fixed the US economy by creating more than 20 million jobs, exempting low-income Americans from tax, creating economic & financial stability for SMEs and lowering taxes. His most significant achievement was bringing the Cold War to an end. He was a master of foreign policy negotiation and led to significant industrial growth during his time. He survived gun-shot, came for his duty 3 weeks later and was re-elected in 1984.

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George Washington, also known as USA’s Founding Father, was the nation’s first-ever President. He replaced ‘Article of Confederation’ and drafted the ‘United States Constitution’. He demolished the Stamp Act, 1976. He was also influential in repealing the Town shed Acts, 1979 by boycotting the English goods. He basically laid down very high standard for US presidential position that very few could carry forward. His motto was creating a well-financed and strong national government and he drafted many policies to achieve this motto. He was elected twice in 1788 & 1792.

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5. John F. Kennedy

JFK served as the 35th US President. He was also America’s 2nd youngest president and only one to win a Pulitzer. He was responsible for averting a potential nuclear war by negotiating during the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’. He was also responsible for AACR (African-American Civil Rights Movement) as well as the BPI (Bay of Pigs Invasion). He initiated the Apollo Project which landed America on Moon and at Space. He was undoubtedly the most popular President of US.

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6. Theodore Roosevelt

At the age of 42, he became the youngest American President. Some scholars consider him as the most influential US President bringing the most number of positive reforms, policies and changes that helped America become one of the most powerful nations of the world. Theodore’s domestic ‘Square Deal’ Policies helped in reducing rates for railroads and pure food circulation. He passed many laws protecting citizens from impure drugs and foods. He also improved the wages of laborers working in coal mines. His contributions for saving natural resources are unmatched. He was also instrumental in building new cruises and battleships.

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7. Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson swore the oath as the 28th US President. A no-nonsense person, he did what was right, not what was popular. He launched ‘League of Nations’, which later became United Nations. He negotiated with congress and reduced the tariff as well as made reforms across the US NBS (National Banking System). Some of the critical legislations passed by Wilson which made a huge impact were FRA (Federal Reserve Act), FFLA (Federal Farm Loan Act) and CAA (Clayton Antitrust Act). It also worked tirelessly for eradicating Child Labor from the US.

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8. Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of US. He was the chief architect behind ‘Declaration of Independence’ in 1776. He started Revolution-1800 gaining Louisiana Territory’s control from France. With the objective of exploring the west, he conducted the famous ‘Lewis & Clark Expedition’. Even though his presidency is both loved and hated, scholars and philosophers consider him as one of the greatest US presidents ever.

The modern history of America cannot be complete without the mention of the above Presidents. There is a reason behind immortalization of some of them at Mount Rushmore. They have led the nation through some of its worst times and came out as world leaders. It takes a lot of courage and trust from millions to sit in one of the most powerful chair across the globe. Will Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton be able walk a similar path and make their mark in the US history, or will they be just another president who came and went! All we can do is wait!

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