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4 must-check qualities in a Virtual Assistant -2016

The world of Virtual Assistance service has been booming at a rapid pace. As the awareness for VA continues to hype, more and more people are beginning to show confidence in this industry. Tasks such as making an appointment, handling customer calls, making enquiries, etc., are no longer painstaking for people as they can easily delegate these tasks to a dedicated VA. However, before anyone appoints a VA it is indispensable for them to check for certain qualities. Here are 4 essential must-check qualities that you should search in your VA-

  1. Good Knowledge about the Internet– The very first thing that needs to be checked is the VA’s knowledge about the internet. Since the work is mainly related to research and online development, it is impeccable for a Virtual Assistant to be familiar with the internet. When given a search, the executive must be able to find out the relevant information from the right sources.
  2. Should know about ‘What’s Viral?’– Search trend on the internet varies from time to time. You may be occupied with your business, but your VA should be well aware about the latest trend on the internet. The trend may be in terms of marketing, accounting or social media management. Hire a Virtual Assistant who can tell you about the latest buzz on the internet and help you to be a part of the online marketplace.
  3. Awesome Administrative skills– For the VA industry, professionalism is very important. Your ideal VA should be good at handling MS Office, Social Media Tools and Analytics/ Business Data. Presence of good administrative skills will help you get your tasks done faster and with precision.
  4. Open to changes– Many a time people who have availed services from a VA company compliant that changes are not welcomed by service providers. This is where a good VA company is distinguished from others. Companies like Urban Timer are always open to changes and work with a responsibility to complete the given tasks in the best possible way. After all, there is nothing better than a happy client!


Once you have checked with the above mentioned points, you can easily hire a Virtual Assistant who can help you in completing your pending tasks. At Urban Timer, we welcome our clients with a 5-Hour FREE TRIAL. During this period, they can try our service without paying anything and make a judgement about our quality of service as compared to other companies in this niche.

Happy Delegating!

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