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Hiring vs. Hiring a VA

Hire a Virtual Assistant

In this ever changing world, entrepreneurs often find it difficult to get right talent. The headache of taking an office on rent, arranging for furniture, hiring an HR Manager and offering training to the new candidates can make a big hole in the pocket. Moreover, with every month the tension will continue to rise as recurring expenses such as rent, salary and operational cost remain fixed. But, what if someone told you that all these costs can be avoided without interrupting the flow of your income? Seems like a dream? Well, it is not! Hire a virtual assistant today to avail this bliss!

UrbanTimer is an online Virtual Assistance Service provider that offers a top notch administrative services to entrepreneurs, businessmen and busy individuals. May it be a task of booking an appointment or managing your business accounts, a team of dedicated virtual assistants will always be there to help you in your hour of need. You’ll be amazed to see the range of benefits that you can avail from us.

Pay on Hourly Basis
Are you sick and tired of employees who waste a lot of time in the office gossiping and fondling with their phone? Then it is time to appoint a VA and pay him only for those numbers of hours for which he has worked for you. No need to be bound by fixed monthly expense; just hire a VA whenever you have a work.

Works 24 x 7
Your office employees may not be willing to work beyond the office hours. This means that even if you have some petty arrangements to be made, you will probably have to wait for the next official working day. With online virtual assistants you can delegate any work that you want and at any point of time. Needless to say, the work will be completed on time.

Immediate Solution
For hiring an employee, the HR manager first needs to call the candidate for an interview, then a couple of rounds are taken. This process is highly time consuming and certainly involves training the candidate after his appointment. On the other hand, when you deal with virtual assistants, all that you need to do is call us and delegate the task with the instructions. The remaining is our responsibility. Our VAs are professionally trained to meet stiff deadlines and understand the requirements of the clients.

Online Virtual Assistant

So, the next time you are looking forward to borrow a leaf out of smart business solutions think about VAs; think about UrbanTimer. Have doubts in our abilities? Feel free to try a 5-Hour Trail without spending a penny from your pocket and experience the difference between hiring and hiring a VA!

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