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The Magic of Online Virtual Assistants- An episode worth sharing!

Online Virtual Assistants

It is a fact well-known that businesses, entrepreneurs and busy individuals are currently using Online Virtual Assistants with a view to get better output and avail an economical option for meeting their day-to-day requirements. A common perception that prevails among many is that VAs are just like your secretary, however, we are going to change this perception forever with an episode that recently happened with us.

The Challenge for our Online Virtual Assistants

Urban Timer has been a house of quality online assistance. No matter what the task is, we consider it as our duty and fulfil the same with precision. Recently, when one of clients asked for services that belonged to different sectors, it was then that we realized that Virtual Assistance is not only about handling objectives, but also about offering a wide range of activities under a single head. (We would have loved to mention the project name, sadly, the confidentiality clause restricts us.) So, we were entrusted with two tasks simultaneously. The first one was to take care of the customer care support of a business for one full week (of course it was 24 x 7!) and secondly, we were required to redesign the website of the client within the next 15 days. Given such diverse requirements, it is obvious that if the client would have wanted to have both the setups in his office, he would have required atleast $8000 – $10000 plus some additional space.

Now the challenge for us was to make sure that both these tasks are handled separately and are in compliance with the given deadline.

How UT’s Online Virtual Assistants did it!

Without planning, the whole campaign would have collapsed within a matter of few days. Therefore, a meeting was held where we made a blueprint and churned out strategies for the next few days. A team of individuals were assigned to handle the customer support. We divided the VAs group in two units. The first unit would take care of the day shift and the second unit would take care of the night shift. As for the website re-designing, we allotted few certified web designers to work on this project simultaneously. This made it evident that every aspect of re-designing was handled carefully. To make things perfect, we made the website 100% responsive as well.

At the end of the 15th day, the client did the most important thing for us- praised our work! He said, “You guys were amazing! Thank you so much for taking care of both these tasks so efficiently. More work for you guys in the next few weeks.” It was high fives all around the team of Online Virtual Assistants who had contributed to this project. After all, nothing gives us more pleasure than a satisfied client.

The episode made it obvious that the work of VAs is not only restricted to doing miscellaneous work. We are a group of people with professional experience in diverse fields. If you throw up a challenge, we will always accept it with utmost graciousness. You too can give us a try and feel the difference in your day-to-day life!

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