About Us

Who are We?

UrbanTimer is a Virtual Assistance firm with trained virtual assistants who are good at what they do. The qualifications of our VAs range from being graduates to masters in various fields like Electronics, English, Technology and so forth.

But we understand that mere education does not make a VA. At UrbanTimer, we provide the requisite training to every recruit in the various tools that would help your VA to perform the tasks perfectly every time. Our Virtual Assistants are well-trained in Microsoft and Google tools and are aware of a ton of other tools designed to make every hour more productive.

UrbanTimer is spearheaded by two pro VAs, one of them being a former CEO of a reputed VA firm. The company is headquartered in Kolkata, India.

Why choose UrbanTimer?

At UrbanTimer, we pair you with the best fit VA to work on your tasks. In the rare case that we find your VA unsuitable, we provide you with a new VA till you are satisfied. Once your VA is finalized, you can start delegating tasks immediately and boost your productivity.