More About Us

We are just like you – just as passionate, dreamy, with our idiosyncrasies and our ideologies. We are funny, serious, workaholics, weekend lovers, enthusiastic fellows who work as a team and get things done.

We love what we do.

We love the fact that we help out businesses and individuals. We love the fact that as we work for your clients, we also simultaneously add to our knowledge. In this entire process of working together, we also build up a definitive work culture free from gender, race, and other disparities.

We are people who understand that we need to work and we need to rest. We are people who love our team as much as we love our clients. We share knowledge, learn on the go, crack jokes in the office, and discuss everything under the sun.

We are tech-friendly.

We speak multiple languages (mostly Indian languages, and English) and we love food. When the team is not working, they are planning where to have and what to have in their next lunch.

Some of us love travelling, some of us love reading. Some of us write, some of us can dance, and all of us sing pretty well.

Talent Can Come From Anywhere

How a Virtual Assistant Service like UrbanTimer is useful?

Helping people find more time in their day to day life.

You can hire a virtual assistant and delegate various day to day personal and business-related tasks which will save you a lot of time.

Helping people or businesses with skills that they do not have.

By working with a Virtual Assistant team, you will get many skills like Administrative Assistance, Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Video Editing, Website Maintainance, etc under one roof.

Our Team Members

UrbanTimer Virtual Assistants

Different skills, different roles, one designation – Virtual Assistant