Bikash Saha - Team Lead

Team Lead at UrbanTimer

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who works remotely for you. You do not pay Virtual Assistant a monthly salary or any other benefit that you have to for your personal assistant who is working from your office. You pay a Virtual Personal Assistant just for the time they took to complete your task.

UrbanTimer Virtual Assistants can help you, not only with Administrative tasks, but many other tasks that a business need help with such as Content Development, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Video Editing, Graphics Designing, Server handling, Website Maintainance, and many other tasks. Our Virtual Assistants are trained highly on communication and on providing value for money to our customers.

How a Virtual Assistant Services like UrbanTimer is useful?

Virtual Assistant team helps people majorly with 2 key issues:

  • 01

    Helping people find more time in their day to day life.

    You can hire Virtual Assistant and delegate various day to day personal and business related tasks which will save you a lot of time.

  • 02

    Helping people or businesses with skills that they do not have.

    It is not possible to have all the different skills you need for your business to function properly, so by working with a Virtual Assistant team, you will get many skills like Administrative Assistance, Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Video Editing, Website Maintainance, etc under one roof.

Bikash Saha - Team Lead

Team Lead at UrbanTimer

With UrbanTimer’s Virtual Assistant team, you are guaranteed peace of mind because the Team Lead here is experienced in the industry for a decade. And, the Team Lead pass on his knowledge and experience to the rest of the team, so, all that comes to us get expert attention. There is a solution to every situation here at UrbanTimer.

People often hold themselves back from getting a Virtual Assistant because they are afraid or hesitant about delegating. Delegation is a long-term investment, and you only invest your time once in the process and if it is successful, then you enjoy happiness.

How does UrbanTimer Virtual Assistants charge for a task?

  • 01

    You get on-board with us by getting a subscription which is hourly, so after you have successfully subscribed, your account will have a certain number of hours.

  • 02

    When you will send a task, the task will be logged under your account in our CRM.

  • 03

    The task will be assigned to an appropriate VA by the Supervisor or Manager.

  • 04

    When the VA will start the task, he/she will start a “Timer” present in the task. If the VA takes a break in between the task or talks to anyone, then the VA will “pause” the task and “resume” again when they get back to the task.

  • 05

    After the task is completed and a response is sent to the customer, the VA will stop the “Timer” which will show the actual time the VA worked on the task. The VA will need to mention a “Time Charging Reason” and update the task, then the time will be deducted from your account.

UrbanTimer - Team

Steven, Rinku & Debalina busy working.

If you have any specific questions, please get in touch with us.

Our Expertise

Our experience makes us best in the industry.

Administrative Support

Internet Research, Data Entry, PDF Creation, MS office, Document Drafting, etc.

Digital Marketing

Marketing via Social Media Sites, Email, Content, Affiliate, PPC, Video, Web Banner, SEO, and just marketing via internet.

Customer Service

Handling your customer's inquiry over Phone, Email, Live Chat and/or Social Media platforms.

Web Development

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, JS, JQuery, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, let us know your requirement and we will develop it for you.

Graphic Design

For website, Social Media, Landing Page, Email Newsletter, Marketing Campaigns, Game Projects, etc.

Content Writing

Website, Blog Articles, Social Media, White pages, manuals, eBook, etc.

QuickBooks Services

Tracking aspects of your Business and Financial Transactions; including Income, Sales, Expenses and Overall Company Growth.

Project Management

Website, Mobile App, SEO, Software, Marketing or any kind of project that you want us to manage for time efficiency, cost management and quality output.

Start-Up Assistance

Business plan, Investment plan, Marketing plan, Business registration and all things that is required to get you started.

Plans & Pricing

$ 100

10 Hours, $ 10/hr

30 Days

$ 190

20 Hours, $ 9.5/hr

30 Days

$ 270

30 Hours, $ 9/hr

30 Days

$ 400

50 Hours, $ 8/hr

30 Days

$ 600

80 Hours, $ 7.5/hr

30 Days

$ 770

110 Hours, $ 7/hr

30 Days

$ 960

160 Hours, $ 6/hr

30 Days

Feel free with a Virtual Assistant

Try 3 hours of Free Trial for 2 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your unused hours are rolled over to the next month. We want you to have the full value of your hard earned money
Yes, you need to verify your PayPal to sign-up for the Free Trial. This is for your convenience so that your Free Trial can automatically convert to paid plan without you again have to login to PayPal.
Free Trial is of 3 hours for 48 hours. After you have successfully signed-up for the Free Trial, simply start sending tasks.
After the Free Trial is over, your subscription will automatically convert to your chosen paid plan. If you are happy during the Free Trial, then just continue using the subscription.
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan instantly or from the next billing date from your portal at
Yes, certainly. Just let us know that you only want to communicate with one person regarding your tasks.
Yes, certainly you can get an assistant who can be available during your timezone.
There are couple of ways you can take care of this. You can purchase extra hours @ USD 12 per hour. Or can login to your portal and restart your current plan instantly without waiting for the next billing date.
Please send us your task details via email to or the contact us form, and we will get back to you with a quote for this one-time task.
We can handle almost any task than can be taken care of over the internet, phone or fax. However, if there is any task you have placed and we are unable to perform, then we will certainly get back to you with a way forward for the task.
If you do not get the service you are looking for, then you can certainly ask for refund, and we will process the refund for the unused hours.
Our subscriptions are monthly recurring which are via PayPal. We can also send you an invoice from PayPal every month which you can pay via Credit Card depending upon PayPal’s policy in your country.
There are couple of ways you can cancel your subscription. You can login to your PayPal account and cancel the UrbanTimer recurring profile in your PayPal account. Or, you can also email us, and we will cancel the payment profile for you.
You can communicate with your Dedicated Assistant via Email, Skype, Phone, WhatsApp, Slack or any other application you would like to use.
No worries. Simply let us know and we will cancel your subscription. You can also cancel your recurring payment profile by log-in to your PayPal account.
When you see you are unable to make progress because of your day to day tasks, that is when you should hire a Virtual Assistant and delegate.

About UrbanTimer

UrbanTimer is a Virtual Assistant company based in Kolkata, India.

Kolkata is also known as City of Joy so people here are mostly in happy mood. They are creative, and when they work, they give their heart to the work.

Our vision is to positively impact people’s lives and help you achieve all that there is to life. Here at UrbanTimer, we are focused on helping businesses with Administrative Support, Digital Marketing, Customer Service, Website Designing, Graphic Designing, Content Writing, QuickBooks Assistance, Project Management, and Start-Up Assistance. We work remotely in our fully equipped office space to give you the best services as required. Our primary focus is on providing quality services to you and yet remain pocket-friendly. We will not rest until we find solutions to your problems. UrbanTimer is all about providing value for your time and money.

At UrbanTimer, our mission is to reduce your responsibilities and workload which will give you the most precious resource, Time. Our mission is to also save your time so that you have time for your family and for yourself. We want you to feel less burdened and stressed with work pressure and other personal responsibilities. Our method of working will involve digital communication with you, whereby you can assign tasks with a simple email and we will get onto solving your problem and getting your work done. We want to help you work efficiently, effectively and perfectly in your workspace. In short, it is our sole purpose to make you happy and satisfied with your professional and personal life.

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